Freelance filmmaker and cinematographer 
Mantas applies documentary principles to the creation of story-driven commercial pieces. Specializing in small crew productions creating interview driven narratives that focus on authenticity and truth. Pairing beautiful imagery with captivating storylines to create a strong digital presence.
Mantas is currently available for hire
Sample Client A: MARCSTONE
Marcstone reached out to Mantas at a critical turning point in their digital marketing journey. Just after Marcstone overhauled their entire marketing strategy and just started to see production multiply, they were lacking one thing; a narrative.
What does this company do? Who are they? Why do they exist?
The best way to answer these questions was with video... 
With three scheduled days of production we captured video content that could be edited into a video package consisting of:
- A 5-10 minute commercial documentary
- Branded instructional how-to content
- Short form content for social media (Tik-tok, instagram/facebook reels & stories...)
Sample Client B: National Speech and Debate Association
The NSDA is the largest speech and debate organization serving middle school and high school students in the United States. It is also the national authority on public speaking and debate. 
During the annual speech & debate tournament, Mantas shot and edited a promotional video package to highlight the event.
Deliverables were shot and edited over the course of the week and premiered during the final rounds of the tournament in front of thousands of people.
Video package consisted of:
- (2) 3-5 minute commercial documentaries​​​​​​​
- 1 minute social media video content
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